By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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We are talking about those clergymen who have over a period of years consistently followed the Party line and joined, not one or two fronts, but ten, twenty, or thirty . These are the core of agents the Party depends on in the religious field . 77 . But couldn't some o f these clergymen be innocently misguided in their attempts to do good? Well, they have followed every crook and twist of the Communist Party line . Would you excuse that in your minister's case? 47 78. Is your Committee investigating religion?

Add to these the thousands of commercial, music, drama, art, business and trade schools not counted in the list above . Add the research centers, textbook houses, teachers' unions, school supply companies, the National Education Association, and its affiliates . Each and every one would be wrecked and the pieces taken over . 21 . What do you mean by "wrecked"? just that. One of the first things that Communists did in Russia when they came to power was to smash the existing school system. 22. How did they do this?

18. How about my church men's club, ladies' aid society, or young people's group? Out. There is no freedom of assembly under Communism. 19. What could my pastor do? In the pulpit, he could lead the congregation in acts of faith and deliver sermons, with the Communists checking on every word . Out of the pulpit, he would be an official target for abuse, ridicule, and scorn, under constant suspicion, and in danger of his life . 20. Why? In him, the Communists would see a rival to their power over your mind, imagination, and will .

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