By Jan Eaton

Книга с узорами по вязанию спицами пледов, одеял, афганов. Разноцветная мозаика узоров, составленных из простых геометрических фигур. Превосходное использование остатков пряжи.

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The patch is then hauled under the ship’s bottom until the leak is found and the sticky mixture is forced by the pressure of water into the life-threatening holes in the keel. If properly applied, this method of plugging should keep the vessel afloat until a suitable place for proper repairs is found. Thus, under Jonathan Monkhouse’s supervision, the Endeavour was saved. Cook fully praised his midshipman and all the crew who had worked tirelessly to save their skins. The crew’s spirits rose as news spread that the temporary patch was working and that the rate of the leak had been reduced to manageable proportions.

Cook named it Port Jackson but didn’t stop to find out more. Three days later, the Endeavour passed, unnoticed, the entrance to another splendid harbour and the fertile region of Newcastle. Instead, a few hours after this miss, Cook observed, noted and named the inferior Port Stephens. Inland from Po rt Stephens could be seen plumes of smoke. The Europeans had seen smoke many times since reaching the coast of New Holland, sometimes close to the shore, and other fires further away. Here, at a point a few h o u rs sailing north of Port Stephens, was a great deal of smoke and Cook named the spot Smoky Cape.

Then a spear was thrown at the doctor from high up in a tree. Luckily for Monkhouse, whoever launched it either had a very bad aim, or the intent was simply to scare the Englishman away, just as the Europeans sometimes fired their muskets over the heads of local people to warn them not to approach. In any event, the Aborigines themselves quickly ran off. Some of the crew spent time fishing and collecting oysters, mussels and cockles. Lieutenant Gore enjoyed spearing huge stingrays in the shallow water, which were welcomed by the crew.

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