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Книга 50 Battles that modified the area 50 Battles that modified the area Книги Вооружение Автор: W.Weir Формат: pdf Размер: 6 Язык: Русский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Книга о битвах, оказавших сильное влияние на ход мировой истории.

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The Ottoman Turks were still advancing in Europe. There was a legend that off in Central Asia or Africa was Prester John, a Christian priest-Icing, who might be induced to attack the Muslims from the rear. Prester John was not pure myth. Coptic Christian monks from Abyssinia (modern Ethiopia) had visited Portugal. And the Pope had sent envoys to see the Great Khan, some of whose subjects were Christian. Perhaps ships could find a sea route to the land of Prester John. To Iberian Christians, skirmishing with Iberian Muslims, the Crusades were not some long-ago wars.

Goring had told him the Luftwaffe had wiped out most of the RAF. Now, Hitler thought, he could break the spirit of his enemies and make invasion easy. On September 7, the Luftwaffe concentrated all its forces on London. And the British began to rebuild their air bases and increase their production of fighter planes. What followed was a British epic. The Luftwaffe sent hundreds of planes against a city defended by masses of barrage balloons, 2,000 anti-aircraft guns, and 750 fighter planes. The German planes did a considerable amount of damage to London, but they never broke the spirit of British civilians.

When the cord is released, the arrow leaves the groove with a force against which nothing is proof. " The Crusaders' military system was based on the close coordination of crossbowmen, infantry spearmen, and heavily armored knights. The disciplined spearmen kept the Turkish horse archers away from the knights, who led their destriers until they were ready to fight. Between every two spearmen was a crossbowman who shot down Saracens before they could get close enough to hit anything with their bows.

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