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20 See DM 1, 5, nn. 3–5, vol. 25, pp. 37–8. Metaphysics Book II 21 49 Cf. DM 44, vol. 26, pp. ” Cf. 993b24–5. 23 Cf. ibid. 24 That is the fourth argument of the famous “5 ways” to prove the existence of God. For this, cf. C. De Propaganda Fide, 1888), p. 32a. , q. 44, a. 1, tom. IV, p. 455b. 26 Cf. Opera omnia, tomus decimus tertius (Romae: Typis Riccardi Garroni, 1918), pp. 33b–34a. 27 Cf. In Summam Theologiam I, 2, 3, n. VII, in: S. Thomae Aquinatis, Omnia opera, tom. IV, p. , 44, 1, n. VIII, pp.

45–6. , nn. 39–42, pp. 48–9. 29 Cf. nn. 34–7, pp. 47–8. 30 DM 1, 4, nn. 1–3, vol. 25, p. 26. , 5, nn. 1–2, p. 37. 32 DM 1, 5, nn. 3–4, pp. 37–8. 33 Cf. nn. 44–52, pp. 50–53. 34 Cf. DM 1, 5, pp. ” 35 Cf. DM 1, 4, nn. 6–12, vol. 25, pp. 27–8. 36 Cf. nn. 9–12, p. 28. 37 n. 13, p. 29. The “order of teaching” (ordo doctrinae) is something which Suárez mentions frequently throughout his works. This paragraph 13 is particularly instructive for its understanding. Briefly, he distinguishes between an order of doctrine for things in themselves, in which metaphysics will be first, and an order of doctrine for us, in which the teaching of metaphysics will come last.

35 Strictly, Suárez seems to reserve the word “Commentator” to refer, as we will immediately see, to Averroes. In addition to expositores (which would “expounders” or “explainers”) he also speaks of interpretes (“interpreters” or “translators”) and scriptores (“writers” or “copyists’) of metaphysical questions; cf. DM 47, 10, n. 12, vol. 26, p. 824. 36 Cf. In Arist. , II, c. 1, M. Hayduck, p. 147, ll. 15–27. 37 In lib. Metaphys, II, t. 4, fol. 30ra. 38 In 12 lib. Metaphys. II, c. 1, l. 2, Cathala nos.

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