By Steven D. Hales

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A spouse to Relativism offers unique contributions from major students that handle the newest considering at the function of relativism within the philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technological know-how, common sense, and metaphysics.

  • Features unique contributions from a few of the prime figures engaged on a number of points of relativism
  • Presents a considerable, huge variety of present puzzling over relativism
  • Addresses relativism from some of the significant subfields of philosophy, together with philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technology, good judgment, and metaphysics

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Thus, indexical relativism about the feature of beauty does not translate into relativism about propositional truth. ) Consequently, it is consistent to be a relativist about a non-truth-apt feature, yet deny relativism about truth. However, the moment that we claim that some truth-apt feature is relative to some parameter, we are thereby also committed to relativism about truth. Take again the example of beauty. If claims about beauty are truth-apt, then, if it is relative to an aesthetic standard whether an object is beautiful, it must also be relative to an aesthetic standard whether it is true that an object is beautiful.

We shall soon consider the coherence of such a position. These considerations leave us with various global forms of relativism worth considering: (GR1) and (GR) with and without restriction on membership in F, and (GRP) with and without restriction on the membership in P. 5. Difficulties with Unrestricted Global Relativism I have already pointed out that global relativism concerning all features (GR1) and global relativism concerning propositional truth (GRP) face special problems if the generalization is unrestrictedly over all features or all propositions.

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