By Ellery Adams

ISBN-10: 042523522X

ISBN-13: 9780425235225

Within the small coastal city of Oyster Bay, North Carolina, you will discover lots of characters, ne'er-do-wells, and even a couple of celebs attempting to duck the paparazzi. but if homicide joins this curious neighborhood, the Bayside publication Writers are there to get the story... Olivia Limoges is the topic of continuing gossip. Ever due to the fact that she got here again to town-a go back as mysterious as her departure-Olivia has saved to herself, her puppy, and her unfinished novel. With a bit cajoling from the eminently fascinating author Camden Ford, she has the same opinion to affix the Bayside publication Writers, holiday her writer's block, or even make a couple of friends... but if townspeople begin turning up lifeless with haiku poems left by means of the our bodies, somebody with an aptitude for language is without warning suspect. And it is as much as Olivia to capture the killer earlier than she meets her personal shock finishing. Watch a Video

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It would do you good to rub elbows with your neighbors. ” She quickly stroked Haviland between the ears. ” Dixie cocked a hip and rested her elbow on it, holding the steaming coffee carafe aloft. “It ain’t good for you to be all work and no play. Why don’t you take your highfalutin ass over to the Song and Dance booth and join that writer’s club? They call themselves the Bayside Book Writers, and since you’re tryin’ to write, it seems to me like you all were destined to meet” Olivia grunted. ” Still, she cast a quick glance at the document on her laptop screen and sighed.

So I hope that’s not what your big, secret meeting at that gross bar is all about. If rumors about drugs or anything illegal affect my reputation, I’d be kicked off the show and my marketing value would go way downhill. I’m supposed to be a role model. Don’t you care about my future? ” Blake grabbed her roughly by the arm and propelled her past Olivia and Camden’s table. “It’s not drugs, babe, so get off your high horse. It’s something much more dangerous than that,” he muttered darkly. ” Camden stared after them, a greedy gleam in his eyes.

Olivia established herself at the counter, ordered coffee, and perused the headlines of The Washington Post. However, her concentration was repeatedly broken by a group of people seated at the diner’s largest booth. They were tossing out words like “dialogue,” “point of view,” and “setting,” and since Olivia had been trying to write a book on and off for the past five years, her curiosity was aroused. She kept the paper raised, as though an article on escalating interest rates was inordinately captivating, while she listened intently as a woman read aloud from what sounded like a work of romantic fiction.

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