By Alan Weisman, Richard Mabey, Rick Bass, Helen Caldicott, Michelle Benjamin

ISBN-10: 1926685059

ISBN-13: 9781926685052

David Suzuki's lifelong paintings as an environmentalist, naturalist, and scientist have encouraged numerous others of their struggle to avoid wasting the planet, 20 such devotees of them have contributed to this inspiring assortment. those newshounds, scientists, writers and environmentalists have taken their enthusiasm for Suzuki's philosophy and funneled it into their very own own memories, manifestos, and essays: Rick Bass describes his love for the Yaak Valley in Montana; Richard Mabey takes readers to a moonlit may perhaps night in Suffolk; David Helvarg tells country stirring beach reminiscence from his adolescence. it doesn't matter what trip those writers take us on, the unifying subject in their paintings is often an identical: a deep and abiding love of nature — encouraged and shared via David Suzuki.

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