By Alberto Manguel

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Whereas touring in Calgary, Alberto Manguel used to be struck by way of how the radical he used to be analyzing (Goethe's Elective Affinities) looked as if it would replicate the social chaos of the area within which he used to be dwelling. a piece of writing within the day-by-day paper could without warning be illuminated by means of a passage within the novel; an extended mirrored image will be triggered by means of a unmarried note. He determined to maintain a list of those moments, rereading a publication every month, and forming A examining Diary: a quantity of notes, reflections, impressions of commute, of acquaintances, of occasions private and non-private, all elicited by way of his analyzing. From Don Quixote (August) to The Island of Dr. Moreau (February) to Kim (April), Manguel leads us on a charming event in literature and existence, and demonstrates how, for the passionate reader, one is totally inextricable from the opposite.

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We are fond of talking about education ; that is a dodge to avoid discussing what is good. ' " So far Mr. Chesterton. Plato's Idea of Good, then, means that the education of his philosophic statesmen must lift them to a region of thought which transcends the intellectual confusion in which these dodges and evasions alike of the ward boss and the gushing settlement-worker dwell. He does not tell us in a quotable formula what the good is, because it remains an inexhaustible ideal. But he portrays with entire lucidity his own imaginative conception of Greek social good what gress * is ' ; ' ' ' ' ' ; ' ; ' ' in his Republic and Laivs.

The validity of a new text to-day depends far more on acquaintance with Platonic Greek and Platonic thought than on any rigour of the text-critical and palaeographic game. Nothing whatever results from the hundred and six pages of " Cf. the work of Alline referred to supra, p. xxv, note b. xlv INTRODUCTION " Textkritik " in the Appendix to Professor WilaAdam repeatedly changed his mowitz's Platon. mind about the readings of his preliminary text edition when he came to write his commentary, and with a candour rare in the irritabile genus of text critics withdrew an emendation which I showed to be superfluous by a reference to the Sophist.

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