By Adler, M.

A Syntopicon: An Index to the nice principles (1952) is a two-volume index, released as volumes 2 and three of Encyclopædia Britannica’s assortment nice Books of the Western international. Compiled by means of Mortimer Adler, an American thinker, lower than the counsel of Robert Hutchins, president of the collage of Chicago, the volumes have been billed as a suite of the 102 nice rules of the western canon. The time period “syntopicon” was once coined in particular for this project, which means “a selection of topics.”[1] The volumes catalogued what Adler and his staff deemed to be the elemental rules inside the works of the good Books of the Western international, which stretched chronologically from Homer to Freud. The Syntopicon lists, lower than each one thought, the place each incidence of the concept that could be positioned within the collection’s well-known works.

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Dio Cassius (Cassius Dio), ca. one hundred fifty– 235 CE, used to be born at Nicaea in Bithynia in Asia Minor. at the dying of his father (Roman governor of Cilicia) he went in one hundred eighty to Rome, entered the Senate, and lower than the emperor Commodus was once an suggest. He held excessive places of work, changing into a detailed buddy of numerous emperors.

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Only man ed. has a dual nature, thus Other living things, Descartes . even further than the special power of reason separates him from the brutes. The cal things, position of Lucretius illustrates this distinction in reverse. " He describes it as the part "which we often call the understandwhich dwells the directing and governing principle of life, [and] is no less part of the ing, in am what to say, is it it, that I compound- seems to hold, mata or moving machines made by the industry of man," there were "such machines, possessing the organs and outward form of a the being upon man, then man's possession of such a soul sets him apart from all other physi- have I (that human soul, through being raconfers a mode of immaterial, or spiritif ual, soul.

Man is of the race begotten by Adam, but he though the truth of each of these two proposi- does not have the attributes which tions implies the truth of the other, the prob- sessed before the lem of the difference between man and other The dogma of man's fall from grace is discussed in the chapter on SIN. Here we are concerned only with its implications for the under- along with the anthropoid apes by descent from a common ancestor. Conversely, if animals has a certain logical priority over the problem of man's origin, simply because more evidence is available to solve it.

Metaphysic of Morals, 264d-265a; 279b,d; 281c-282c / Practical Reason, 291a-293b; 316c31 7a / Pref. Metaphysical Elements of Ethics, 378b-c / Science of Right, 400b,d-402a esp 401b-402a; 420d-421a /Judgement, 584d-585c 43 MILL: Liberty, 294a-297b 46 HEGEL: Philosophy of Right, INTRO, par 21 17a-c; PART i, par 47 24a-b; PART n, par 132 46b-47a; PART i, Q 3, A i, REP 2 14b-15b; Q 18, A 2, REP i 105c-106b; A 3, ANS 106b-107c; Q 19, A 10, ANS 117d-118b; Q 23, A i, ANS and REP 2-3 132c-133b; Q 30, A 2, REP 3 168a-169b; Q 59, A 3, ANS 308b309a; Q 72, A i, REP 1,3-4 368b-369d; QQ 75- 19 AQUINAS: 51: Theologica, par 139 48d-49b; ADDITIONS, 4 116a-d; 10 117d-118a; 22 120c-d; 28 121b; 62 126a / Philosophy of History, INTRO, 156c; 168b-d; 178a-b; 186a; PART i, 257d-258a; PART in, 304d-305a 49 DARWIN: Descent of Man, 287b-c; 319b-d; 331b-332a THE GREAT IDEAS 16 (I.

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