By Francesco Maria Pompeo Colonna

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A gorgeous literary anthology released to commemorate the foreign Polar Year--and remind us what we're at risk of losing.
The Arctic and Antarctic ice cabinets were an item of obsession for so long as we've identified they existed. numerous explorers, together with such legends as Richard Byrd, Ernest Shackleton, and Robert Falcon Scott, have risked their lives to chart their frozen landscapes. Now, for the 1st time in human heritage, we're in valid threat of seeing polar ice dramatically slash, holiday aside, or maybe disappear. The Ends of the Earth, a set of some of the best writing at the Arctic and Antarctic, will concurrently commemorate 4 centuries of exploring and medical learn, and make the decision for preservation.
            Stocked with first-person narratives, cultural histories, nature and technological know-how writing, and fiction, this publication is a compendium of the greats in their fields: together with mythical polar explorers and such writers as Jon Krakauer, Jack London, Diane Ackerman, Barry Lopez, and Ursula okay. LeGuin. Edited by way of modern specialists on exploring and the surroundings, The Ends of the Earth is a memorable choice of great writing--and an enduring contribution to the controversy over international warming and the way forward for the polar areas themselves.
About foreign Polar yr -
International Polar yr (which starts in spring 2007) is a big foreign technology initiative that goals to concentration public cognizance at the polar areas and our impression on them. The final such initiative, the foreign Geophysical yr in 1957-58, concerned 80,000 scientists from sixty seven international locations. This one provides to be larger nonetheless.

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