By Jean-Marie Vincent

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He remained tied to the idea of an individual conscious of what he is and does, present unto himself because he is able to create meaning through his action and possession of the world. hlsanarchie), that is, loss of conscious control over what they should be undertaking 22 Abstract Labour: A Critique and accomplishing. Because humanity, at the imperialist stage of capitalist society, cannot find itself in works worthy of the name, it is exposed to the temptations of a disorientated individualism.

The activity of each individual in particular is practically no longer measurable in _terms of product, and is observably less and less applied to concrete objects of labour. Individuals are no doubt more isolated than ever in the midst ot this rising tide of socialisation, but the implications of this tendency for traditional forms of labour to disappear are not strictly negative - at least potentially. In the most highly developed capitalist countries, the historically rising trend of productivity has placed the reduction of time devoted to production - related activities - and hence the extension of leisure time- on the agenda.

M. V. February 1990 Translator's Note The French edition of Jean-Marie Vincent's book included a subtitle: 'le faire et l'agir' (roughly: 'doing and acting'). These two terms refer to an important theme developed throughout the book, but they admit of no obvious equivalent in English: 'doing' and 'acting' hardly begin to convey the meaning. Now, the Greek terms 'poiesis' and 'praxis', which Jean-Marie Vincent also uses, cover a similar distinction to that between le faire and l'agir. However, the Greek terms themselves require some explanation because of the variety of different meanings which have been attributed to them in philosophical literature.

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