By Peter S. Alagona

ISBN-10: 0520275063

ISBN-13: 9780520275065

Completely researched and finely crafted, After the Grizzly strains the historical past of endangered species and habitat in California, from the time of the Gold Rush to the current. Peter S. Alagona exhibits how scientists and conservationists got here to view the fates of endangered species as inextricable from ecological stipulations and human actions within the areas the place these species lived.

Focusing at the tales of 4 high-profile endangered species—the California condor, wasteland tortoise, Delta smelt, and San Joaquin equipment fox—Alagona deals an soaking up account of ways americans built a political approach able to generating and maintaining debates during which imperiled species function proxies for broader conflicts in regards to the politics of position. The problem for conservationists within the twenty-first century, this ebook claims, should be to redefine habitat conservation past safe wildlands to construct extra assorted and sustainable landscapes.

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But in China it is more commonly called the Chang Jiang, which simply means ‘long river’. The Yangtze has a biological heritage to match these imposing statistics. Over 350 species of fish have been recorded from the river basin, 177 of which are endemic—they are found nowhere else in the world. These include two species of ancient armourplated sturgeons and their distant relative the Yangtze paddlefish, so-called because it has a tremendously elongated snout 18 the amazon of the east which—with some stretching of the imagination—resembles a boat’s paddle.

Maybe worst of all, one of the few things that we actually do know about baiji behaviour is that several different studies during the 1980s and 1990s showed that they swam up and down the river rather than staying put in a particular place. Photo-identification studies found that one group of baiji that could be identified by distinctive scratches and scrapes on their backs moved 100 kilometres upriver in only three days, and another animal photographed in 1989 was identified a year later over 200 kilometres further upstream.

The wetlands that line the river channel are also a critical wintering ground for huge numbers of waterbirds and waders that breed further north in Siberia. These include five species of cranes, the most beautiful of which, the brilliant white Siberian crane, formerly also wintered further west in India and around the Caspian Sea, but has now been reduced to a few thousand birds that spend several months of the year around Poyang Lake. The river basin was also once lined with lush forests that were home to a wide range of large mammals— elephants, rhinos, tigers, tapirs, and gibbons—which are today largely restricted to the balmy conditions of tropical Asia, but which were once also able to survive in the Yangtze Basin’s unique ecosystem of scorching summers and freezing, snowy winters.

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