By Stephen F Tonkin

ISBN-10: 1852330007

ISBN-13: 9781852330002

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Shoestring Telescopes unit power finder. 125 in (3 mm) plywood. The Diagonal Holder A 6 in scrap section of the spar tube is the diagonal's stalk holder. A 1 in diameter section of broomstick, approximately 8 in (20 cm) long, serves as a stalk to which the diagonal is attached. One end of the stalk was cut to a 45° surface. 25 in (6 mm) plywood, cut to the diagonal's outline, attaches with a screw and epoxy to the diagonally cut stalk. I drilled holes 120° apart inside the edges of the plywood, which has a polyurethane varnish coating.

I drilled each end of the pan reducer with three radial holes which through which I could bolt it to the tin and to the soil pipe. The holes are spaced at not quite 120° intervals. This unequal spacing is useful for ensuring that the arrangement can only be assembled in one orientation. I bolted the tin to the pan reducer, but not the pan reducer to the soil pipe. A glance down the draw-tube revealed that there were no nasty internal reflections, mostly, I think, owing to the light-baffling nature of the internal flanges on the plumbing parts.

The eye-bolts barely clear the mirror's surface. 125 in (3 mm) thick. I salvaged the Styrofoam from a trash heap. 5 in (38 mm) wide which sits flush with the straight edge of each bearing. A coping saw blade trimmed the excess Styrofoam after the door skin was glued to the Styrofoam with common carpenter's glue. Inexpensive fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), pebbly side outward, surfaces the curved portion of the bearings. To prepare the FRP's surface for the carpenter's glue, contact cement was first applied to the FRP.

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