By R.K. Willardson and Albert C. Beer (Eds.)

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APPLICATIONS : BULK NEGATIVE RESISTANCE 55 dramatic redistribution of electric field upon switching7’ In the highcurrent state, nearly the complete voltage drop occurs at the anode. Estimates of the electric field at the anode under those conditions indicate that it might well be near the avalanche field of 2 x lo5 V/cm. V. Device Fabrication Technology Discussion in the last section centered on many of the material parameters pertinent to device design. This will be continued in this section to include the two most crucial technologies for device fabrication : material growth and the application of ohmic contacts.

Electrochem. Soc. 112, 1020 (1965). *' 82 58 JOHN A. 34. Schematic diagram of a vapor-synthesis system for epitaxial growth of GaAs system by bubbling hydrogen through AsCl,, which is a high-vaporpressure liquid at room temperature. The AsCl, is cracked as it enters the furnace and arsenic reacts with the gallium to form an equilibrium composition of gallium and GaAs in the source boat. After the source has achieved a steady-state condition, growth on the substrate is accomplished by transporting gallium as volatile halide from the source, and arsenic from the incoming AsCl, and from the source.

30. Liu6’ and C ~ p e l a n dobserved ~~ that under high pulsed bias conditions n’nil’ and bulk-grown gallium arsenide oscillator devices could be switched into a high-current, constant-voltage mode, such as is indicated in the D. P. Brady, S. Knight, K. L. Lawley, and M. Uenohara, Proc. I E E E 54, 1497 (1966). B. W. Hakki and S. Knight, IEEE Trans. Electron Deuices ED-13,94 (1966). S. G. Liu, Appl. Phys. 9,19 (1966). 6 9 J. A. Copeland, Appf. Phys. Lett. 9, 140 (1966). 66 67 54 JOHN A. 31. Current-voltage characteristic ofa bulk negative-resistance device, showing switching to a high-current, constant-voltage mode.

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